Our Vision

Our goal is to develop, invest and operate our portfolio across all property types with efficiency and exceptional quality.

Service. Vision. Integrity. Commitment.

As long-term property owners and developers committed to sustainability and stewardship, Propco Holdings forms strong public-private partnerships with municipalities, civic leaders, non-pro t organizations and neighbors throughout New York. Building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes in a quality development and evidence of our commitment to excellence. Early and frequent collaboration allows us to incorporate a variety of expertise in the earliest stages of development, resulting in highly successful projects. In keeping with this approach, all our current developments follow green design principles to provide for energy-effciency, resiliency and healthy indoor air quality. With a portfolio of over $30 million in developments, Propco also has a track record of consistently developing communities that set new industry benchmarks in design, construction and property management. We look deeply into the fundamental factors that make a home, neighborhood or community truly great and then work diligently to bring these elements together.


The Team