Propco Holdings Services

Propco Holdings is a leading owner, developer and manager of multi-family apartment communities in the Eastern United States.

Drawing on the expertise of leading industry professionals, Propco Holdings has established a reputation for identifying new areas of opportunity and complementing them with properties that add to our innovative and sustainable philosohpy.

  • Construction
  • Property & Asset Management
  • Finance
  • Development

For each project, the construction process requires a high level of collaboration and connecting the right people to the right process. From a client’s idea, to an architect’s design, to a contractor’s execution – each team provides valuable input throughout the building process for the common goal: efficiently delivering high quality projects while reducing waste and avoidable conflicts.

Property & Asset Management

With a portfolio of over $30 million in developments, we have a track record of consistently developing communities that set new industry benchmarks in design, construction and property management. We look deeply into the fundamental factors that make a home, neighborhood or community truly great and then work diligently to bring these elements together.


We analyze the market to determine what type of development would create the best possible outcome for all parties involved, including investors, partners, tenants, the community and buyers. Our ability to analyze and create plans for the optimal use of the land allows us to maximize design creativity and make the most of natural and man-made features.


Building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes in a quality development – and evidence of our commitment to excellence. Early and frequent collaboration allows us to incorporate a variety of expertise in the earliest stages of development, resulting in highly successful projects.


Development - Single point of responsibility

A desire for innovation drives our designs, ensuring that you receive a unique, well-planned and well-executed design solution. In each and every project, we seek to bring a sense of simplicity, clarity and relevance to produce thoughtful, contemporary and delicious design solutions.

We take coordinate all the research, and work alongside architects, builders and sales agents to develop property marketing campaigns that are effective for all involved in the project, from the start until the very end result. We’re innovative, with the ability to turn work around under tight deadlines as the industry demands.

We love a challenge – Propco Holdings’ core development
services include:

  • Site Identification
  • Transaction Management
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Construction and Construction Management
  • Cost Determination

Regardless of the size or location of your project, if you have a project we can help you with or an idea you would love to discuss, we would love to ear from you.